Jeddala Imports is run by Elizabeth & Lisa.

We are a family owned and operated business located in one of the southern suburbs of Sydney, N.S.W. Australia. We are an importer of high quality hand made products and consistent quality is a major component of the goods offered for sale.

We deal directly with the carvers in the villages, thus ensuring any business generated goes directly to the villagers.

We visit  with the artists that create these beautiful products, ensuring a high quality & are always looking for new lines.

In addition to discovering  hidden treasures and beautiful hand carved gifts, we are able to design our own items, and due to our outstanding relationship with the carvers, they are happy to carve our designs that we are then able to imported & sell to you.

We pride ourselves on an exquisite product range of the highest quality.

The work ethics of the Jeddala Imports family provide the very tools necessary in maintaining lasting customer relationships and a friendly yet efficient customer service widely respected.

The Balinese are a very happy and spiritually motivated people and are a great believers in karma (what you give out to others is what you get back in return). We believe this shows in their work.

What a great philosophy on life…

We invite you to explore the wonderful world that is Jeddala Imports.