Jeddala Imports wholesale Fair Trade Gifts & Handicrafts from Bali.

Our suppliers are small family businesses, some of whom we have been working with for over 15 years.

These suppliers specialise in handcrafting a particular product or small product range from raw materials.

We work with our Balinese suppliers on the basis of openness, trust and respect, working closely to help improve consistency and quality in their products.

You can be assured Fair Trade practise is adhered to.

All the suppliers whom we purchase product from have been fairly compensated.

Deposits are paid at the time orders are placed to cover at least the cost of materials.

We do not operate on a credit basis with any of our suppliers and full payment is made at the completion of the order.

Over the years through our trading we have developed sustainable  relationships & assisted in the growth of many a business and contributed to the well being of many families by assisting with feeding, clothing and educating their children.

We have a particular closeness with a family whom have visited us here in Australia.

Made, Kadek and Ranger and Ben are considered part of our family and have been welcomed into our home in Australia just as they have welcomed us into their home in Bali.

Their contribution and involvement to not only our business but our family we are forever grateful for.

What They Are Saying